Our Consultancy and Intermediation Services.

Access to an extensive portfolio of financial consulting services aimed at maximize your success rate. Our team has designed a highly effective and proven intermediation process which makes any funds application simple and easy to execute.

We focus on three main type of financial services

Public Funds

Venture Capital


Public Funds

Public Funds are usually issued by regional, national or European institutions whose purpose is to facilitate and increase the entrepreneurial activity in the innovation industry.

What are they for?

Research & Development

Digital Projects and Startups (e.g. e-commerce, e-learning, etc…)

Innovative Industrial Production Plants

Startups Acceleration



Brand promotion & Marketing Campaigns

Qualified Staff Recruitment

Private Funds

mimosa group venture capital

Venture Capital Funding ‎

Thanks to the experience of more than a hundred innovative projects across Europe, Mimosa Group employs investment managers ready to support innovative companies and projects throughout the investor research, strategic presentation, and private fund acquisition. ‎‎

They will support your company with consulting, preparation and networking services aimed at attracting investors from Italy and Northern Europe, so that you can continue your innovative projects with the financial security you need.‎‎

With our investor managers you can discuss your financial needs in ‎‎a personalized way‎‎ thanks to our consulting procedures. Contact us for more information.‎


Crowdfunding is a collaborative microfinance process sustained by a group of people who provide financial resources to support business projects. Mimosa Group assists you in the preparation of the investor kit, marketing campaign planning and fundraising management, with the goal of optimizing the time to get the funds.‎

mimosa group crowdfunding
A 360-Degree Service‎

Through the collaboration with Mimosa Group, you will be able to access additional consulting services aimed at supporting and optimizing the design, growth and development at the 360 degrees of your innovative project.

If you have any question, a project to propose or a curiosity to satisfy, do not hesitate to ask us filling the form.

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